Do you have horses available to rent?

No, while we do allow people to bring their own horses on the property, we do not have horses available to rent. We do have a corral available for rent for those that wish to bring their own horses during their stay with us.

Does Deer Run have electricity or running water?

No. In order to maintain the rustic experience at Deer Run, we have not run electric or water to the property. Our guests have told us that they love the quiet solitude of a night at our cabins. It truly is like stepping 150 years in the past.

What about bathroom facilities?

Each cabin at Deer Run is within easy walking distance of one of our “two hole’r” outhouses. These outhouses are built from solid cedar and are setting on 1400 gallon vented septic tanks to eliminate odors. Each cabin is equipped with a wash basin and pitcher just like old time hotels of the past. Just fill the basin with water from the pitcher and take a sponge bath right there in your cabin.

Are there any stores or restaurants located within driving distance of Deer Run?

Yes, Deer Run is located just a few miles from both Jasonville and Dugger Indiana. Both towns have restaurants, bars, liguor stores, convenience stores and gas stations for all your needs.

Do we need to bring our own drinking water?

Yes, we find it is most convenient to buy our drinking water in 2 – 5 gallon jugs. These can be purchases at Wal-mart for a few dollars. Water for camp clean up can be taken directly from the lake. Each cabin comes equipped with a bucket and rope.

What types of things do we need to bring?

As with any stay in the woods, you will want to bring various pieces of camping equipment with you. While you are free to cook on the indoor woodstove or over an open fire, we recommend that you bring along a camp stove for more convenient cooking. While sheets and a blanket are provided, sleeping bags do provide more comfort on cold nights. We always bring battery powered lanterns and flashlights along for additional lighting. Lawn chairs are sometimes handy for sitting around the campfire. Firewood will always be waiting for you on the porch, but you will need to bring matches or a lighter to start fires. We do have boats available for rent, but you will want to bring your own fishing equipment.

What are the contents of each cabin?

Each cabin is supplied with the following supplies: clean linens, dishware, silverware, skillet, pot, checker/chess set, cards, poker chips, wood stove, bucket with rope, charcoal grill, picnic table, table and 4 hardwood chairs, hardwood rocking chair, 2 kerosene lanterns, fire extinguisher, fire alarm, mirror, dresser, bunk beds, pitcher and wash basin, battery powered fan, ash bucket and shovel as well as other homelike amenities.

Can I ride my ATV at Deer Run?

Due to our close proximity to Red Bird State Riding Area (Indinaa’s first off road riding facility) we do allow campers and hunters to bring along their ATVs but we limit their use to our gravel roads only! ATV’s are strictly forbidden from our rustic trails. Trails are for horse, mountain bike and foot traffic only! If you are interested in off road riding, we encourage you to visit Redbird just a few miles south of us.