Deer Run Properties Beautiful Lake

We offer some of the best fishing in Southern Indiana! If you like to Bass fish, this is the place for you! With six beautiful lakes (two with boat ramp access), you will have all the fishing you need.

Deer Run Properties has many wonderful lakes.

Deer Run Properties has six different lakes.

If pan fishing is more your style, come to Deer Run and catch yourself a big mess, clean them at our fish cleaning station, and cook them right here on the property. Thatís what we do!

Deer Run Properties has plenty of fish for the taking!

Winter wonít slow you down if Ice fishing is your thing.

Deer Run Properties has excellent ice fishing opportunities.

Boat Rental is available!

Warning, Ice Fishing is a potentially dangerous activity if proper safety measures are not taken. Each visitor shall take it upon themselves to exercise extreme caution. Deer Run Properties, Inc. cannot guarantee the safety of the ice on any given day.